Welcome to the Future

The Finnish Authentication Cooperative is about to launch a new authentication service that replaces passwords and allows you to log in to all digital services in a simple, secure way. In the second half of 2022, the authentication service will be available.


The new authentication service’s goal is to make logged-in use of company-provided digital services easier. The solution provides the convenience and efficiency of social logging without the privacy concerns.

The next step is to further develop solution to enable strong authentication of customers digitally.


The business is run as a cooperative, and new members are always welcome. The cooperative’s members have the ability to influence the authentication service’s future development. Membership is not required, and the service can be accessed with just a customer agreement.

Contact us

Finnish Authentication Cooperative (Suomen Tunnistautumisosuuskunta)
Kampinkuja 2, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

CEO Mikko Nurmi
+358 50 5711 000

Invoicing information
Business ID: 3223001-1
E-invoicing address/EDI identifier: 003732230011
Operator: Maventa (003721291126)